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Brian Brodersen UK provides information about what’s happening with the ministry here in the UK. You can listen and download Bible studies, subscribe to our Podcast, purchase books and resources, and stay connected to the ministry.

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Jesus and the Desperate (part 1)

13 September 2019



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The Myth of Coincidence



The Myth of Coincidence by John Bonner

Coincidence. Is there such a thing for the believer? As we read the Bible, we see how a powerful sovereign God intervenes in the lives of His people in very supernatural ways. What the world would consider coincidence is nothing short of a loving God working behind the scenes in, and through, the lives of His followers.

In The Myth of Coincidence, author John Bonner shows us biblical examples of divine providence, interwoven with his own testimony of forty years of ministry on the mission field in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, and the Middle East. This book assures us of God’s presence in our present circumstances, dispelling the “myth of coincidence” in our own story.

This month, Back to Basics UK will send you The Myth of Coincidence as our gift of appreciation for your generosity. Request a copy for yourself, a family member, your co-worker, or your neighbour today!

Thank you for your continued support.

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