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Brian Brodersen UK provides information about what’s happening with the ministry here in the UK. You can listen and download Bible studies, subscribe to our Podcast, purchase books and resources, and stay connected to the ministry.

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The People God Uses (part 2)

16 November 2018



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Answers to Prayer



Answers to Prayer by George Mueller 

In 1835, various epidemics had decimated much of England, leaving behind countless orphans. George Mueller, a man of great compassion, opened his home to these children, but he had purposed to glorify and magnify God in a unique way: the orphans in his care were to be provided for only by prayer and faith. For over 60 years, George Mueller documented the Lord’s miraculous provision. Thousands of orphans depended solely on him, and he in turn depended solely on the Lord. 

This book will encourage you in your own prayer life and reveal the power of God to answer prayer, so request a copy of Answers to Prayer today. It is November’s thank you gift for your donation to Back to Basics UK. Request your copy today.

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