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Brian Brodersen UK provides information about what’s happening with the ministry here in the UK. You can listen and download Bible studies, subscribe to our Podcast, purchase books and resources, and stay connected to the ministry.

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Paul Among the Philosophers (part 1)

18 May 2021



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A Woman’s Battle for Grace



A Woman’s Battle for Grace by Cheryl Brodersen

Christians can fall into the trap of self-condemnation, choosing to berate themselves for their weaknesses rather than receiving the strength only God can provide. Cheryl Brodersen knows it is time to pinpoint our enemies, claim our God-given weapons, and examine the true prize awaiting us. Discover how this life-saving, life-sustaining resource can be your motivation and means for living in freedom today. When guilt wages war, let’s battle for grace.

During the month of May, Back to Basics UK will send you A Woman’s Battle for Grace as our gift of appreciation for your generosity.

Thank you for your continued support. 

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