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Brian Brodersen UK provides information about what’s happening with the ministry here in the UK. You can listen and download Bible studies, subscribe to our Podcast, purchase books and resources, and stay connected to the ministry.

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The Gospel is for Everyone (part 3)

22 January 2019



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One Minute Answers to Skeptics



One-Minute Answers to Skeptics: Concise Response To the Top 50 Objections and Questions by Charlie H. Campbell

Has a skeptic in your life ever stumped you with questions regarding God, social ethics, or supposed contradictions in the Bible? One-Minute Answers to Skeptics can equip you to address the questions of skeptics on those exact topics and many others by giving biblical answers for the issues of today’s society.

Learn how to give a defense for your faith in a conversational style, and strengthen your own confidence in the existence of God, and the reliability of His Word.

If you want to be equipped to always be ready to give a defense of your faith, this month, Back to Basics UK will send you One-Minute Answers to Skeptics as our way of saying thank you for your generous gift to our ministry. Request your copy today! 

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