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15 November 2019



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Can We Trust the Gospels?



Can We Trust the Gospels? by Dr. Peter J. Williams

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John are four accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus while He was on earth. But should we accept them as historically accurate? Is there evidence that the recorded events actually occurred? In his book, New Testament scholar Peter Williams presents a winsome, enjoyable, and easy-to-understand case for the reliability of the Gospels.

Within these pages, Williams examines evidence from non-Christian sources, assesses how the four Gospels accurately reflect the cultural context of their day, and looks at how these texts were handed down throughout the centuries. Everyone from sceptic to scholar will find powerful arguments in favour of trusting the Gospels as historically accurate accounts of the life of Jesus.

This month, Back to Basics UK will send you Can We Trust the Gospels? as our gift of appreciation for your generosity. Request a copy for yourself, a family member, your co-worker, or your neighbour today!

Thank you for your continued support.

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